Michael Hern began painting at the age of fifteen. He graduated from Fanshawe College and finished his Bachelor's at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). Upon graduating he continued to paint various themes while teaching overseas. 

Presently he is working and living in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. His present work focuses on the neighbourhoods that surround him, thus being Vietnamese houses. He has always been interested in architecture, seen from his previous works. The stacked series are a juxtaposition of houses that are built upon one another. It alludes to the methodology of Vietnamese construction and how easily they can just build a new location on top of the one below it. Everything possible can be done with such little space in an urban landscape that was built without realization of the traffic problems to occur in the future from such small narrow streets. They are unrealistic and exaggerated in their placement to raise up to great heights with a building on the base floor of impossible strength to hold the weight of the buildings above. The new stacked drawings include rocks mixed in with the buildings. The rocks like all the other source material is from Michael's photographs. The rocks have fascinating textures sculpted from the sea itself, come from the coast of Australia. The paintings are of the same subject matter as well as shacks and poor neighbourhoods found along the rivers in the city.

Future work will include some inversions of houses moving upside down connecting to the others which are right side up. There will also be some works done from different perspectives switching from the frontal position the viewer has to looking down from above.